Styles Related To A Summer Wedding Day

summer wedding

Starting from May to August is usually a popular time to have a wedding. Things may be more expensive but worth the little extra. This time of year is usually beautiful which contributes to the beauty of the most precious day in your life. The summer season usually means warm weather and sun. Besides the weather, you can be imaginative in your ideas for a summer style wedding.

For instance, consider how to use the decorations to your advantage. It’s a great idea to write down ideas that go through your mind when you think, “summer.” Perhaps you are thinking sun, beach, sunsets, flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, outdoor activities and so forth. Each person is different and will come up with varying ideas.

Summer style weddings are romantic when the ceremony is on the beach. The guests and the bride and groom can go barefoot thus making the event more relaxing. Gardens are also a good choice in venue. If you choose a gardenlike setting, straw hats add a touch of summer to the event.

Just picture the sun coming down, your toes between soft sand, a slight, warm breeze and the quiet moving of the waves. As you picture something similar to summer, a mood comes over you. A calm, reflective and romantic time for the bride and groom is set by the summer style.

Clothing, food, favors, centerpieces and more contribute to this style as well. For instance, cool and flowing fabrics for the dresses give the ambiance of summer. Favors such as parasols or flip flops can be given to remind your guests of the unique wedding they attended. Centerpieces should be in summer or spring color such as pink, peach or even in pale colors of the ocean.

The decorations should give the feeling and mood you would experience as you strolled on the beach on a summer night. Try using decorations consisting of white bamboo chairs with flowing bows. Imagine a white trellis for the bride and groom to walk through or a white gazebo as they say their vows.

Light foods such as salads or seafood would be appropriate. Salads decorated with eatable flowers are a great idea to add to the festivities. Don’t forget the beverages. Consider a punch or a light colored, fruity martini to accompany the delectable foods of choice.

Summer is the most popular season of choice for a wedding. If you aren’t able to have a summer wedding, then go with the style of summer. Work with your budget and your ideas. The wedding and reception should be unique to you. If summer is your favorite season, then that should be reflected in your choice of style when getting married.