Wedding Souvenir Ideas

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Giving wedding souvenirs is a good way for couples to show their appreciation for their guests and it serves as a remembrance of their special day. While it is a good gesture, the gift item has to be well thought-out and planned else it will not be appreciated. More wedding souvenirs are discarded shortly after a wedding than those that are actually kept and used.

It is very easy to arrange for souvenirs to be passed around, but if the goal is to give something that the guests would love then the couple will need to consider several factors before deciding on their souvenir.

One of the most important factors in choosing the souvenir is the budget. The couple can give a target of how much they are willing to spend on the souvenirs so that they can easily filter out items that are not within their means. The couple must then consider their target audience – in this case, their guests. It is an option to categorize the types of souvenirs to fit a group of people, for example: children; women; men.

The children can be given a container of candies; women will be given cakes and men, mints. This could work if the wedding planner is good with logistics and would be willing to risk not having enough for everyone in case proxies would show up instead of the confirmed persons or if the guests brought a date of the same gender.

The couple does not have to think of every single person who will arrive at the wedding, they can be democratic and simply estimate the majority of the crowd before deciding on the gift. The couple can then think of what product would best suit their guests.

The worse gifts to give out in a wedding are those that are useless and cheesy. Things like glass swans with the couple’s name embossed, ceramic figurines of the couple, containers covered with a lid that has the couple’s photo on it and the likes are very passé! They are unoriginal, useless and irrelevant. These are the types of gifts to avoid. While they were a hit in the 80s, there are cooler options now that are not necessarily expensive.

A great wedding souvenir would be something useful yet personalized, to serve the purpose of being a remembrance. Little bottle openers for example, is a great gift idea that would make most of the guests happy. The couple’s initials can be subtly embossed on the gift for a touch of customization.

Candies that come in a nice, elegant jar would also be something that guests will be able to use at home. Again placing the couple’s picture on the jar would cheapen the look so always keep “branding” minimal. Depending on the theme of the wedding, travel utensils/chopsticks would be a good gift for a couple that are into the great outdoors.

For those seeking a more memorable gift, an option would be to leave disposable cameras on the tables for guests to take their favorite shots of the wedding – be it themselves, the couple or their loved ones. A printing station can then be set-up so that they can literally pocket the memories.

There are many more innovative and special wedding ideas to explore. Finding a unique, useful and relevant souvenir is a challenge but with the available technology nowadays, sometimes all it takes is one trip to the cyber world to check what’s out there!