Drinks and Weddings Mix: Setting Up Your Wedding Bar

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Getting married without drinks is like driving without gas. Drinks always accompany any type of celebration and your wedding cannot be as merry without them. However, the cost can be quite prohibitive so you have to set up a bar that your guests will enjoy without making you cry once you get your drinks bill.

Open Bar

If you have an unlimited budget for your wedding drinks, then open up the bar and say to hell with it. Stock every type of alcoholic beverage, get a bartender or two and let your wedding party begin. This is the most satisfactory type of bar, where the guests can order any drink they want when they want it and as often as they want it. Their wish is your bar’s command.

Restricted Bar

Unfortunately, not all people are well-heeled enough to afford an open bar. However, having a limited budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not include drinks for your guests in your expense list. You can set up a restricted bar instead of an open bar so you can have more control over your wedding expenses.

Instead of serving up all types of beverages and cocktail drinks, you can select a few alcoholic beverages for your wedding. Look at your guest list. How many guests will be attending? This will be the basis for deciding how many bottles to stock.

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Who are your guests? This will be the basis for deciding what type of liquor to serve on your wedding reception. This type of restricted bar gives you control over your drinks bill without restricting your guests’ preference and consumption.

One other way to go is choosing certain drinks to be available as well as limiting your guests’ consumption. This can be done by posting somebody at the bar to take count and telling your guests how many drinks they can order. This is not really advisable as this may offend some of your guests.

Why not try hiring drinks waiters who will circulate among the guests instead? This generally cuts down consumption without causing any bad feelings. Finally, you can also restrict the times when your bar is open so that you can further cut down the cost.

A note of caution by the way, never ever entertain the idea of making your guests pay for your drink. This is a grave violation of established wedding etiquette and accepted good manners. You don’t invite guests to celebrate with you then hit them with the bill for doing so.